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What do we do?

     Jointly with the school of construction project management PRO PM we study the World cases of reconstruction of cities affected by the Second World War with focus - what can be taken from this experience for Ukraine, and what should not be imitated!

There are 11 cities: Coventry, Le Havre, Warsaw, Hiroshima, Tokyo, London, Rotterdam, Dresden, Berlin, Kyiv, Hamburg.

     For research we involve the best world’s experts on reconstruction each of the city.

     We hold online meetings with these experts, moderated by leading Ukrainian architects. All meetings are broadcast live and uploaded to the YouTube channel PRO PM.

     Each meeting is preceded by a survey of the audience in order to gather relevant questions for Ukraine and give answers to them.

     Each lecture is moderated according to the tricks needed for the realities of Ukraine today.



We strive for the reconstruction of the cities in Ukraine:

  • took place on the basis of world experience, taking into account mistakes and applying best practices;

  • solved the existing number of urban planning problems;

  • was carried out on the basis of a conscious approach to the restoration of cities, architectural monuments of other objects.

We want:

  • provide all stakeholders with an applied and easy-to-use reference tool, which will collect all the analytical information on the cases of urban reconstruction;

  • to draw wide public attention to the topic of urban reconstruction and to involve the community and city residents in active participation.

We say a resounding "no" to rebuilding "as it was." We want to see our cities modern, technological, economically successful, beautiful and human-centric! The world's best reconstruction experience should inspire architects, city planners, local authorities and communities to make ambitious plans and implement them.

What a result?

  • Analytical guide to compare the reconstruction of cities by measurable criteria with an electronic format by clickable free access links. The guide includes conclusions and advice on the reconstruction of Ukrainian cities.

  • Analytical large printed reference book.

  • Video content bank: website and YouTube channel with recordings of all lectures, meetings of discussions, reflections and analytics of leading Ukrainian architects on the topic of reconstruction experience.


How to help?

  • Share with us the contacts of leading world’s experts

  • Help us to find: graphic design specialists to design the directory and website, translators

  • Donate to the Foundation of Ukrainian Architectural Chamber

  • Share the information about our project




Preliminary project results

Project news

     June 29at 5 pm (Kyiv time) the next webinar on the reconstruction of London will take place.

Speaker: Professor Peter J. Larkham, UK

     Moderator: Angelina Gladushevskaya

     Details and registration by the link

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