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What do we do?

We are creating an analytical center for the revival of the cultural heritage of Ukraine, which performs comprehensive scientific research:

  • we are compiling a database of historical settlements and a database of immovable heritage objects based on the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine;

  • we are collecting data on the availability of registration documents for individual objects of immovable heritage, security contracts and cultural heritage object passports, registration cards, historical references, iconography, modern photo fixations, 3D scans, measurements;

  • we are organising surveys of the public, representatives of city councils, united territorial communities, owners and users of monuments;

  • we are collecting and systematising information about the availability of historical and architectural reference plans, approved complex protection zones in the structure of historical populated areas, protection zones of individual monuments and complexes, territories of monuments;

  • we are organising discussions at the round tables, conferences.

We are working with individual objects of immovable heritage:

  • we are carrying out analytical studies on listed and discovered objects of immovable heritage;

  • we are initiating the identification of such objects and their further entry into the State Register;

  • we are analysing the process of historical reinterpretation of the object's values ​​in modern society with the determination of its modern functional use;

  • we are making systematisation of the national trends and global practices;

  • we are monitoring the implementation of restoration works;

  • we are monitoring the process of documenting works (author supervision, technical supervision, restoration support).

We are working with historical areas of settlements and territories of historical and cultural purpose:

  • we are collecting data, analysing, developing a typology of historical areas of places of Ukraine;

  • we are considering the problems of modern use of established valuable historical buildings with elements of cultural heritage in the conditions of fast-moving processes of continuous development of modern cities;

  • we are studying domestic and international experience, methods of working in the conditions of different modes of use of historical and cultural territories: in the areas of protected territories and monument protection - scientific restoration, preservation of cultural heritage objects, in areas of regulation of development - preservation of the traditional environment.


What for?

We strive to:

  • preserve and restore monuments of architecture and cultural heritage of Ukraine;

  • form in public society a unified view regarding the cultural value of objects of constructivism, postmodernism, the need for their preservation, so that reconstruction is carried out on the basis of a conscious approach to restoration;

  • that the reconstruction of cities in Ukraine takes place on the basis of world experience, taking into account mistakes and applying best practices, with the solution of existing urban planning problems;

  • prioritize the execution of "Preliminary works" at the objects, including as part of priority emergency works, the execution of urgent conservation works for the preservation of monuments in cases where the implementation of a full set of restoration works is impossible;

  • prioritize the implementation of full-cycle restoration works with the determination of their type depending on the state of the monument and the tasks aimed at preserving the monument, with the conduct of comprehensive scientific research and the development of scientific and project documentation;

  • create the necessary conditions for permanent maintenance and preservation, studying the problems of adapting monuments.

  • Independently possessing analytical information about the state of cultural heritage in Ukraine and a large arsenal of visions, proposals, programs, we will be able to effectively interact with the authorities and the public, be really useful, we will have tools for communicative interaction with international institutions that take care of cultural heritage and European donor funds.

What is the result?

  • The structured electronic catalog of sights is a digital platform like "Wooden Temples of Ukraine";

  • A site for volunteers who provide information with the opportunity to supplement the history and iconography of each individual monument;

  • An electronic map of immovable heritage objects with an indication of their types (public, defensive, residential, garden and park art), the degree of loss of original appearance and destruction (separately from military actions and negligence);

  • Database of certified architects with experience in the restoration industry, certified surveying engineers, technologist chemists, designers with similar experience, relevant project groups, collectives, collection of information about their professional level, specifics, experience, portfolio;

  • Database of production restoration workshops, general contractor firms, individual restoration specialists, technologists with an indication of their qualification level by specialization:

 - restoration, molding of stucco decor;

 - restoration of wooden products;

 - restoration of metal products (forging, casting, punching, etc. separately);

 - restoration of stone, sculpture;

 - painting restoration;

 - garden and park works (dendrology, landscaping).

  • Electronic catalog of historical and architectural reference plans of historical settlements;

  • Strategies for the development of historical areas, development of discourse and methods of work on the reconceptualization of the traditional historical environment, filling it with new contents, determining the value of building elements in view of their social role in the urban environment;

  • The priority of the development of volumetric and spatial regulations for certain zones of territories, design codes, improvement projects is described;

  • Domestic methods, proposals for rehabilitation, museification, adaptation, revaluation of monuments in the context of modern requirements;

  • A printed periodical.

How to help?

  • bring the contacts with leading world experts;

  • we always need specialists in graphic design for the design of the directory and website;

  • we need translators

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How to help?

  • Join the project team;

  • To collect a selection of successful implemented projects-winners of competitions;

  • Communication with the authors of implemented projects and online communication;

  • Communication with the creators and leaders of such platforms;

  • Participate in improving the platform's operating scenarios;

  • Involve a team of IT professionals, who can develop a platform for architectural competitions;

Donate to the Foundation of Ukrainian Architectural Chamber;

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