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What do we do?

  • Analyze the situation in the regions. We conduct workshops and seminars;

  • We are developing a strategy for the reconstruction of Ukraine. We develop a method of reconstruction sequence;

  • We are developing a concept and scheme for resettlement of migrants;

  • Identify specific areas for the development of existing settlements. Renovation;

  • We develop basic schemes of development of existing settlements;

  • We audit the regulatory framework;

  • Analyze the typology of residents, their patterns of behavior and consumption, taking into account migration during hostilities;

  • We are developing a new typology of housing and the structure of the living environment, taking into account the social and infrastructural interconnection;

  • Determine the model of optimal balance between different types of housing in an urban environment;

  • We develop recommendations for the design of each type of housing, public and infrastructure facilities;



We strive for the reconstruction of cities in Ukraine:

  • take place not chaotically, but in a planned sequence with the necessary analytical research and the latest innovative solutions in the field of architecture and urban planning, based on world experience, taking into account mistakes and applying best practices of world achievements;

  • solved the existing number of urban problems, the problem of human living space in the urban environment;

  • formed a balanced system of public and housing environment;

  • made human life happy in Ukraine;

  • was carried out on the basis of a conscious approach to urban renewal, took into account environmental, energy, innovative world achievements;

We want:

  • to give a clear and orderly system of sequence of reconstruction of Ukraine on the basis of analytical information on cases of reconstruction of cities, researches of a situation in the country, searches of new optimum-economic system of settlement and vital activity of the person, community,

  • to form a new typology of housing, public and infrastructural objects.

  • involve all necessary specialists in the field of design and construction, international and Ukrainian experts, communities of regions, cities, towns, patrons and sponsors in the topic of urban reconstruction

We say a resounding "no" to reconstruction by extensive "Soviet" methods, and form a system of intensive democratic reconstruction, where the center is the person with his needs and the environment for his life. We plan that the architecture of Ukraine will gain a new round of development and become comfortable, modern, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, safe, proportionate to man.

What a result?

  • Roadmap for action on the reconstruction program, strategy and methods of reconstruction;

  • Comprehensive design task with recommendations for urban planning documentation;

  • Analytical guide with recommendations on housing standards and environmental structure, taking into account European and global trends;

  • Methodical document for making changes to the regulatory framework of design for a new quality of life;


How to help?

  • Share the information about our project;

  • Help us to find: graphic design specialists to design the directory and website, translators, analytics research;

  • Donate to the Foundation of Ukrainian Architectural Chamber;

  • Share the information about our project;


Preliminary project results

  • The program of seminars and the organization of workshops on the analysis of a situation in regions is developed;

  • A basic team has been formed to organize research;

  • The estimated budget for the implementation of the 1st stage of the program is calculated;

  • A list of current research issues and problems has been created;

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