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What are we doing?

We are analyzing Ukrainian and global experience and, relying on our own expertise, systematizing information on the entire spectrum of construction and architectural solutions that can be used from estate and commercial buildings to comprehensive urban reconstruction.


We are developing recommendations for the construction of new housing that meets modern requirements, which is implemented with high quality in a short time and with the optimal budget.


We are creating a working group to develop standards and requirements for housing construction, during the war and in the post-war period, which will become the basis of the task of designing objects during the comprehensive reconstruction of Ukraine.



Our goal is to create new high-quality architecture that will become a leader in the World. We want to find and arrange for use optimal solutions for the design and construction of objects of any complexity with the use of energy-efficient and innovative technologies.


New housing to be built in Ukraine must meet very high requirements regarding quality, energy efficiency, energy consumption, and architectural and planning solutions.

What is the result?

Architectural design standard, which contains a list of recommendations on how to quickly and qualitatively design low-cost housing that meets modern requirements.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The standard consists of five sections:

  • Recommendations for designing apartments

  • Recommendations for the design of multi-apartment buildings

  • Recommendations for individual elements of the house

  • Recommendations for designing the improvement of the territory

  • Recommendations for the design of underground premises


How to help?

  • Contacts with leading world experts;

  • Disseminate information about our Standard and fund;

  • To attract money to the fund of the Architectural Chamber of NSAU

Preliminary results


● Launch of a platform for finding solutions for the reconstruction of destroyed buildings

● Involvement of more than 30 architects and engineers in the development of the standard

● Advocacy of the project in the mass media

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