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What do we do?

  • We create an independent non-profit platform for architectural competitions;

  • We research and analyze the world practice of such platforms, communicate with their creators, managers and users. Communication takes place in open online conferences and is made freely available;

  • We explore successful examples of implementation of competitive projects. We communicate with the authors of the winning projects, clients, users and experts. Meetings online with open access;

  • The results of the study are published online and disseminated to stakeholders (local communities, architects, investors);

  • We hold expert discussions;

  • Describe the scenario of the platform taking into account the specifics of the Ukrainian competition market;

  • We start the process of programming the first version of the platform;

  • We test the platform. We launch and hold the first competitions;

  • We support the platform. Adjustments and corrections in the work;



  • We believe in a transparent and accessible culture of architectural competitions;

  • We strive to provide more opportunities for architects, communities and investors to create and implement the best architectural solutions in Ukraine;

  • We want cities and towns to have comfortable, lively and intelligent spaces;

  • We want society to have access to a high quality of life;

What a result?

  • An effective platform for architectural competitions as a place of opportunity. Communities and investors can order the organization and holding of a competition. Architects can choose and participate in the competition;

  • A publication with the results of a study that highlights the benefits of conducting architectural competitions;

  • Video content bank – online meetings with experts to highlight the peculiarities of the processes during the competitions;


How to help?

  • Join the project team;

  • To collect a selection of successful implemented projects-winners of competitions;

  • Communication with the authors of implemented projects and online communication;

  • Communication with the creators and leaders of such platforms;

  • Participate in improving the platform's operating scenarios;

  • Involve a team of IT professionals, who can develop a platform for architectural competitions;

  • Donate to the Foundation of Ukrainian Architectural Chamber;

  • Share the information about our project;

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