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What do we do?

We conduct research in the military sphere:

  • global experience of organizing military structures, their support, determining the principles of creating effective protection of military facilities;

  • issues of border zones;

  • the formation of residential zones next to military and military-industrial facilities;

  • determination of optimal options for strengthening and fortifying border zones, based on world analogues;                                                                                                                                     

We conduct research on world experience in the field of civil protection. 

We determine the availability of a fund of civil defense facilities in individual territorial communities and their compliance with modern standards and requirements. 

For research and the formation of requests, we are in contact:

  • with military personnel of various formations and ranks;

  • with administrations and representatives of territorial communities;

  • we conduct social research, surveys, analytical work.                                                                 

Based on requests, we form a list of specific thematic projects. We attract the necessary specialists and experts for them.



We strive to meet the needs of military and war survivors by:

  • introduction of a security component for both military formations and the civilian population;

  • creation of modern military, military-industrial clusters and related infrastructure complexes and facilities;

  • achieving mobility and speed of construction due to the introduction of the latest technologies and materials;

  • restoration and creation of a civil protection fund for the population of individual territorial communities;

We want:

  • achieve an integrated approach to solving the problems and needs of the military and civilian population;

  • create the necessary network of storage facilities with a safe and comfortable level of population stay in them;

What a result?

  • an album-guidebook of typical solutions for the formation of modern military, military-industrial clusters and related infrastructure complexes and facilities;

  • an analytical reference album with a typology of modules and elements for use in the military and civilian spheres;

  • improvement of urban planning documentation taking into account civil defense facilities;

  • maps with the location of civil defense facilities as information and reference material;

  • technical tasks for architects and engineers based on requests;

  • impetus for the introduction of the latest products, elements, materials into production;


How to help?

  • Share with us the contacts of leading world’s experts;

  • Help us to find: graphic design specialists to design the directory and website, translators;

  • Donate to the Foundation of Ukrainian Architectural Chamber;

  • Share the information about our project;


Project news

Conducting research in the following directions:

  • Mobile educational and training ranges / training centers of units;

  • Factories for the production of military equipment, research centers;

  • Mobile and stationary training bases (shooting ranges, tactical medicine);

  • Fortification structures, platoon support points;

  • Civil protection of the population;

  • Organization of security along the border, settlements located on the border;

  • Breakdown of rubble, disposal and processing of construction waste;

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